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New Beer on Tap: Hammer IPA

Hey, guess what... a very special member of the Osgood Brewing family is celebrating his 30th birthday today, and we are so excited to be ringing in this new decade of his life with a brand new beer!

"Hammer" is our General Manager Chad's nickname (he also goes by Charlie, Coach, and who knows what else). We just love him. He works so hard all the time, always has a smile, always looks for ways to make Osgood run smoothly, he's a pro, a leader, a dear friend, and night after night he does it all while keeping your mugs full of Osgood brews. This man deserves a beer!  Oh, but wait, he can only eat and drink gluten free. Shoot. What's a brewery manager to do?  DRINK HAMMER IPA! Because it's GLUTEN FREE!



SO, If you know someone who is in search of a great GF beer, come down to Osgood and get some Hammer GF IPA before it's all gone! This was just a pilot batch, but we'll be doing a big tank's worth soon! We can't let Chad drink it all...

1 Comment