This is just a small glimpse of a huge project. We will scrounge up more crazy photos and post them here! To be honest, the "build-out" year was full of ups and downs that cannot be put into words, but we will never forget it. If we haven't said "thank you" a million times yet, we will say it again here - to everyone who lent a hand in any way, THANK YOU. We could not have done it without your help!

We had a lot of work to do to convert an empty appliance store into a brewery and restaurant. It all began with a big demolition day, much of which was captured in this time lapse.  What a day! From top to bottom, everything had to go, we really needed a clean slate. It was exhausting and fun, thanks to some help from our friends and family! This is the story of sledgehammers, shovels, brute strength, good friends, lots of dust, and tons of debris put into dumpsters. When we watch this, it is hard to believe it is even the same space!

Images of the Construction

Images of Equipment Delivery