Brewers Make It, You Drink It

All our beer is made right at the brewery.  You can see the fermenters through the big glass windows, and if you peer through, you will also see the stacked barrels and quite possibly, our full-time brewer Thomas Payne working away. Tom was hired early on to keep things going at Osgood, since owner Ron Denning (and creator of mainstays and other beers) is a full time high school teacher. Tom has to work hard every day, because you all work hard at depleting our beer supply!  Additionally, he has brought some of his own fantastic recipes to the Osgood beer menu, including Best Day Ever DIPA, Yippee-Ki-yay Blonde Ale, & McCoy's Scotch Ale, and collaborated with Ron on some totally new creations. We are so excited to have him here. If you see him after work, please say hello, he will gladly talk beer with you over a pint at the bar!